Podcast Intro Available

It’s podcast time – we’re getting closer…

I’m very excited, as we’re getting closer to the launch of the cultural change podcast which will be on 2/2/22. And there is quite a bit of news:
1. We will launch with TWO episodes, one German and one English. Thanks go to Annemie Ress and Silke Grosse-Hornke for their great insights and patience with me 😉

2. We have a new podcast site (and domain, and e-mail)! -You’re on it!

3. There is an introduction to the podcast, episode zero if you like, in English and German. It talks about what the show is about, who it is for, whom it is made by and alike. All you need to know. You can watch it here or on your favorite podcast platforms Spotify/Apple/Google

4. I started a poll on the English name of the podcast, and you gave me overwhelming feedback: it’s lame! Thank you.
The winner of the poll is „What the heck is going on“, but I also liked some additional proposals like „Culture matters“, „U’re Cult – why change“, „Culture Starter“, „Experiences from another working planet“. Thanks for your great ideas and voting. I’ll change it soon.

As usual, I’m very curious how you like the intro. Stay tuned for the launch on Feb 2.

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