The Waiting has an End

It’s Podcast Time Now – the Waiting is Over!

My new podcast is starting today, at last. It’s called
>> Kultur wandle Dich (German)
>> What the Heck is Going On (English)
and available on Spotify, Apple and Google, and on my own website

To start the show, we will have two episodes, one in German and one in English. I’m very honored and excited to have Silke Grosse-Hornke and Annemie Ress as my guests. Thank you so much for your passion and patience 😉

Here are the links:
[1] Kulturintegration. Von der Unmöglichkeit einer planvollen Kulturintegration, und wie dennoch etwas Gutes entstehen kann

[2] I am change. Cultural change always starts on the individual level

It would be great if you could leave a comment or provide feedback here or on the usual podcast platforms, because at the end this podcast is for you.

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