[2.23] Lara Wierenga

… and the secrets of the brain

👉 PEP (Podcast-Erhellungs-Profil):

“We live in a gender-biased world, and that can kill”, says neuroscientist Lara Wierenga.

There are even more exciting things we can learn from her podcast episode of “Kultur wandle Dich!”/”What the heck is going on?”. For example, 

– what biases on gender differences are still out there, that are harmful, partly even deadly

– how the brain differs between male and female (spoiler: yes, the male brain is 10% bigger, but…)

– how hormone levels differ and what their effect is

– what effect our chromosomes have (and whatnot!)

– in what way social media is an exaggerator of stereotypes

– the answer to a question I always had in winter: why women perceive the same outside temperature as colder than men

👉 Telex-Lebenslauf:

+++ Bachelor in psychobiology in Amsterdam +++ Master in clinical and cognitive neuropsychology in Amsterdam +++ Doctor in neuroscience +++ Assistant professor at university of Leiden +++

author of book “Atlas of the Brain” and many articles, amongst other about the difference between female and male brains and brain development +++

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