[2.33] Iman Bibars

… and the scaling of positive change

„When women ruled, there would be no war“, says Ashoka activist Iman Bibars who spent more than 40 years driving positive change (not only) for women in the Arabic world. Maybe it’s not as simple as this, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to take a different look at the conflicts of today. What are the alternatives to solve conflicts, and why don’t we apply them more often. In this episode of the podcast „What the heck is going on // Kultur wandle Dich“, we not only talk about big politics, but also how small changes can make a difference.

Besides that, we learn

👉 Why ID cards make a big difference in Egypt – and occasioally make Iman cry
👉 How she thinks about scaling positive change – scale out, scale deep, scale up
👉 What we can learn about immigration from a different perspective

👉 Telex-Lebenslauf:

+++ born in Egypt +++ studied political science in Princeton and made her PHD on philosophy, sociology and anthropology and development in Sussex +++ in 1987, co-founder and from 2000 chairperson of ADEW (Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women) in Cairo +++ in 2003 joined Ashoka as a Regional Director; was Global Diaspora Leader; is now Regional Director Arab World (MENA) and Global Vice President +++

👉 Tiefenpsychologische Schublade:

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