[2.5] Johanna Holmström

… and the Nordic Way

👉 PEP (Podcast-Erhellungs-Profil):

Johanna shares some secrets of her leadership success and what role a dog plays in that. We also talk about the darkest moment in her professional career and how she reacted, how to learn lessons and become more valuable through them. Finally we talk about the importance of sustainability and inclusion in a broader sense and what we can learn from the Nordics

👉 Telex-Lebenslauf:

+++ started as Executive Assistant at Morgan Stanley +++ worked at Gucci, Mazda, ferry line Stena Line +++ moved to Private Equity and Venture Capital firms +++ co-created Nordic Node and joined Vireo Ventures +++

👉 Tiefenpsychologische Schublade:

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